Virtue Sourdough

Virtue Sourdough embodies the essence of artisanal craftsmanship in the world of sourdough pizza. Gareth’s passion for authentic flavours and homemade goodness drives Virtue’s mission to revolutionise the pizza-making experience for inspired hospitality. Gareth serves as the foundation of Virtue, guiding chefs and culinary enthusiasts through the intricacies of sourdough craftsmanship. With a commitment to simplicity, authenticity and quality, Virtue Sourdough brings the art of pizza-making to life, one delicious bite at a time.

Their Existing Logo

Virtue Sourdough sprouted from a simple desire for better pizza during the 2020 pandemic lockdowns. Gareth noticed the digestive issues from traditional bread and pizza, and hence embarked on a journey of experimentation with homemade authentic sourdough. The revelation of its superior taste and digestibility sparked the inception of Virtue Sourdough in January 2021.

As Virtue Sourdough has expanded its reach and diversified its product offerings, the need for a rebrand emerged. Reflecting its evolution into a trusted provider of authentic sourdough solutions for the hospitality industry nationwide, their branding clearly needed to reflect the pizza industry and their needs, which is where Design Some Moore comes to play!

The Concept

The concept for the Virtue Sourdough logo was inspired by the idea of combining elements that symbolise authenticity and the essence of sourdough pizza. The use of a wax seal shape serves as a nod to authenticity and craftsmanship, evoking the idea of traditional methods and quality assurance.

Within the wax seal shape, the design cleverly incorporates a subtle visual representation of a pizza being pulled apart, with a distinct ‘V’ shape slice being lifted, also representing the initial letter of “Virtue”.

The Colours

The brand identity features three shades of green, a bright yellow, and a beige. The greens symbolise freshness, vitality, and growth, reflecting Virtue’s commitment to natural ingredients and sustainability. The yellow adds energy and warmth, while the beige grounds the palette with rustic charm. Together, these colours evoke feelings of authenticity, quality, and enjoyment, aligning perfectly with Virtue Sourdough’s values.

Additonal Extras

After finalising the brand identity, Virtue Sourdough tasked us with creating additional designs to bolster their visual presence. The website embodies simplicity and accessibility, while business cards convey warmth and professionalism. The brochure serves as a comprehensive guide to their offerings, and the trade show stand makes a bold statement, drawing in visitors with an authentic pub-vibe and engaging visuals. Together, these designs enhance the brand’s visibility and reinforce their position as a trusted provider of authentic sourdough pizza solutions.

Kind words

"Vickie has been great to work with, enthusiatic, responsive & creative in translating what was in our heads to the new branding. We are super happy with the final results and would not hesitate to recommend."

Gareth Dixon Founder of Virtue Sourdough

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