Tabuu Coffee

Tabuu Coffee is not just coffee; it’s a flavourful rebellion against the misconception that decaf can’t be delicious. With a name derived from the Somali word for taboo, Tabuu is on a mission to break the stigma surrounding decaf coffee with premium beans sourced from Ethiopia. Although beans are outsourced, they are a traditionally British brand, with strong-rooted culture in historic England. They wanted their brand to reflect a proper British gentlemen in the world of decaf beverages.

The Brief

Tabuu Coffee embodies a personality that is bold, exotic, and sophisticated. The brand is unapologetically challenging the status quo, inviting consumers to embrace decaf coffee as an indulgence rather than a sacrifice. They source our premium beans exclusively from Ethiopia, infusing every cup with the rich traditions of coffee culture.

To push the idea of sophistication, they asked to fuse the idea of a proper gentlemen with the coffee industry. After a couple rounds of concepting, we came up with a mascot instead of a brand icon. ‘Peter’ is Tabuu’s little man, made of a takeaway coffee cup tipping his hat (lid) to the coffee lovers.

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